We are:

Christina is an artist based in Chicago, where she was born and raised. Her mother immigrated from China and her father from Mexico; their dining table provided a middle ground. Christina’s favorite Chicago foods are veggie burritos, El Milagro tortillas, char siu bao and milk tea from Saint Anna bakery, and anything shared with friends. She hopes that Meso will be delicious, inclusive, incisive, and fun.

Danny, originally from Milwaukee, WI, can claim half “Southsider” and half Mexican-American. His mixed roots come from his parents: his mother grew up on the south side of Chicago, and his father immigrated to the United States from Mexico when he was 11. Danny’s entry into this project stems from a deep interest in history, his stomach’s deep interest in food, and a desire to develop a greater understanding of the fluidity of culture, specifically his. Danny approaches Meso with an open mind and an open mouth.meso-lasagna_02
Guest chef Jessica grew up in a very safe suburb of Chicago, which is funny considering her parents are from Mexico City and Detroit, two cities not well known for their safety. Her parents lock the door behind her even if she steps out for the mail. That said, food was always cooking in her house, so she’d be forced to smell it longingly from the driveway as she waited for her parents to open the barred door. Later on, Jessica studied International Relations & Latin American studies in Michigan, Mexico, Hungary, and Poland and then lived in Colombia. After collecting tons of recipes, secrets and stories, Jessica lives in Chicago and hosts mealshares every week.
Vik is an Art Director/Graphic Designer working in advertising and grew up in the western suburbs of Chicago. He is a first generation Indian American with his parents stemming from villages near Bangalore in the southern part of India. Growing up he experienced South Indian food first hand as his mom was constantly making dosas, onion rotis and idli sambaar. Over time his cooking has been influenced by that region of India especially in terms of spices. Vik’s ideal cuisine would be a fusion of Indian, Thai and Mexican cuisine.

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